Monday, May 14

Ranking the Pokemon: #84- Bulbasaur

Bulbasaur is the best of the three starters, although I'm not necessarily sure Venusaur ultimately is the best, too. But at the point of the game you'd be using the starters in their unevolved forms, Bulby easily gets top billing. The main reason is that Brock, the first gym leader, uses Ground and Rock types--which Bulbasaur can easily take care of--and then Misty, the second gym leader, uses Water types, which Bulbasaur also owns. So you can knock out a quarter of the "bosses" with Bulbasaur alone. Not too shabby.

While Grass types aren't great (those three other types I mentioned really being the only thing they're strong against), they're only 4x weak to Bug attacks, which aren't going to do much damage as it is. But Grass types ARE 2x weak against a ton of common types, including Ice, Flying, Psychic and Fire. Making up for that is a resistance to Electric, although Bulbacity can't really do much damage back to 'lectrics, save for a Toxic/Leech Seed combo. Which again won't do very well, but it'll at least be consistent. Bulbasaur learns a good amount of Grass, Normal and Poison moves, and that's about it. But it's so cute, isn't it? That definitely helps its cause.

Battling Grade: C

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