Sunday, April 1

Ranking the Pokemon: #108- Diglett

Diglett is kind of weird. For starters--what is it? Is it a finger? Is it a poop? Is it just a clod of dirt? Is that pink thing a nose? A mouth? Is the white dot on the nose/mouth a tooth? Just a reflection? I think we can deduce that rubble around it is just the earth that it has demolished in its wake, but that's really the only certainty we have.

Oh, the other certainty is that Diglett is fast. Like, in the top 10 of Pokemon in terms of Speed (at least the unevolved ones, but I guess there aren't that many of those). And its Attack is pretty good, too. So its effective in delivering Earthquakes and Rock Slides and Slashes. How it can learn Slash without any hands at all is beyond me. And it's kind of the signature Pokemon for Dig, although it's hardly the only one that can learn it, and Earthquake is better anyway.

On the flip side, Diglett's Defense and Special are both pretty abysmal, which means it faints pretty easily. If you can take more than three hits with Diglett your opponent is doing something wrong. And if you only play against the computer, that's pretty likely. In which case Diglett's not too bad.

Battling Grade: C

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