Saturday, March 3

Martell Webster's Dunking Woes Continue

Wow, we've been featuring the Minnesota Timberwolves quite a bit on here lately. But, well, they've been making a lot of silly plays. Of course, you remember Michael Beasley rubbing his teammate's knee when he thought it was his own (how could you forget it? It's literally right below this post). Or last week, when Martell Webster went for a dunk--worth only two points--when his team was down by three.

Well, Webster is back at it again, this time on an alley-oop from Ricky Rubio. I've seen the ball get stuck in between the rim and the backboard a few times on shots, and always get a little prideful when I manage to pull it off myself whilst playing. But on a dunk? Never. That's why it's making it on the blog.

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