Friday, March 2

Oops, I Thought That Was My Leg!

Remember when Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley came into the NBA, and there was debate over who the Bulls should take at #1? I'm still thankful nearly four years later that my baby Bullies made the correct decision. But that doesn't mean Beasley hasn't provided us with some good moments. He can still put up numbers for an average or bad team (like the Timberwolves), but most importantly, he makes us laugh with antics like the ones in the below video.

Like most of us, Beasley suffers from a sore knee from time to time, so he tries to rub it to ease the pain in a game against the Lakers. Except,'s not really his leg he's rubbing. It's his teammate's. For his part, Anthony Tolliver doesn't seem too bothered by the mistake, like this happens all the time. On the other side of Beasley, Luke Ridnour inches a bit further away, just in case Beasley's right leg starts throbbing.

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