Monday, August 29

Video Games in Real Life

It's been the cool thing to do over the past couple of months--putting video games into real life context. The end result is usually hilarity. Our heroes and heroines don't always translate well from the screen to the real world. Let's take a look at some of the better adaptations below.

The Legend of Zelda
You know how Link never speaks in any Zelda title? Well, that proves to be a problem as the princess declares her love for our strapping young hero. Kudos to The Warp Zone for this video.

L.A. Noire
The latest offering from Team Bondi and Rockstar Games was lauded for its realistic graphics and portrayal of 1940s Los Angeles. And the game is a blast to play, combining film noir elements with mystery and action. But there are some clunky parts to it, which is portrayed quite accurately in this video from Funny or Die.

A Hot Cup and other members of the D Crew have spent countless hours playing Capture the Flag in the various incarnations of Halo. That's the only knock I have on this video; they call CtF the worst mode. Hardly! But it is pretty epic to watch. Good job, Fall Forward Films.

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