Tuesday, July 19

Rebecca Black Has a New Song

Anyone who has even sniffed the content of A Hot Cup knows that some of its pages reek of Rebecca Black's abhorrent single "Friday," which quickly rose up the YouTube (and iTunes) charts, most notably because of how terrible it was. It spawned numerous parodies, and gathered Miss Black her 15 minutes of fame, and then some. Yet, somehow, someway, she has returned with another song, called "My Moment." Yes, it's still dumb, and yes, it's still pretty heavy on the auto-tune, but this sounds less like the mess that was "Friday" and more like the theme song for a made-for-TV Disney movie. Part of what made the original so fun was its outrageous abysmal...well, everything, from the writing, to the concept of the music video, to the creepy rapper guy. But now this is just a standard "I want this boy to take me to the prom" sort of deal. It's being more well-received on YouTube than "Friday," though, since this song only has a 1:2 "Like:Dislike" ratio, while "Friday" had at least a 1:7 at its peak.

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