Tuesday, July 19

Ranking the Pokemon: #151- Farfetch'd

While A Hot Cup tries to avoid from editorializing too much, after starting to play the latest offering of Pokemon (specifically, Pokemon White), the nostalgia factor got the best of us, so these RtP's will have some heavy opinions in them, and will most likely sound like a 12-year old wrote them, because hey, that's how old we were when we were playing the games. Sorry, but that's just the way the (Poke)ball bounces.

In any case, today marks the beginning of 151 straight days of ranking the Pokemon. Yes, there are more than that now, but anyone that grew up playing the original Red, Blue and to some extent Yellow games knows that the original 151 are really all we need. Every day we’ll hammer out a review of that Pokemon, based on a number of factors, such as playability, usefulness, coolness, etc. Then a final grade will be given, and the debate will begin. Speaking of begin, let’s get started.

Number one on the list (or, more accurately, number 151) is Farfetch’d. There are a TON of useless Pokemon out there, but the unibrow bird takes the cake. First, he has a unibrow, and it’s distorted in a way that shows Farfetch’d’s confusion over why he’s so awful. As far as in-game fighting goes, he’s weak against pretty common types (Electric, Ice), his base stats are dreadful, and his best attack is…what? Slash? Swords Dance? Fly?!?! Fortunately, you can only get one in the game, and it’s by trading a Spearow, which are much more common (and better). Since it’s only obtainable via in-game trade, it comes with a nickname. And like all in-game nicknames, it’s stupid: Dux. Maybe it’s an implication you can cook Farfetch’d like a duck, and while that would be accurate (and a better use for the bird than battling), it’s still pathetic at best. 

Grade: F