Monday, May 16

Two Videos That Have Been Out For Awhile Get Revisited

In our last post, we detailed The Lonely Island's newest jam, which turned Michael Bolton into a viral sensation. Well, a few weeks before that, Andy Samberg released a "solo" project called "I Threw it on the Ground," which, as the name implies, sees him throwing various things on the ground. It appears on the group's second album Turtleneck & Chain, and it's typical stupid but hilarious Lonely Island fare.

The second video is more hip-hop oriented. As many readers know, A Hot Cup is quite the fan of Lupe Fiasco. The second single from his album Lasers was released to radio a couple months ago, and the video just came out at the end of April. The song is called "Words I Never Said," and it features Skylar Grey (or Holly Rowe, whatever you care to call her). It's also probably the best rapping Lupe does on the entire album, so it's definitely worth a listen. The intense video is below.

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