Monday, May 16

Taj Gibson—Dunk You Very Much

Sometimes, during the course of a basketball game, a player will complete a slam dunk. Their fingers will make contact with the rim and the ball will be thrown down in a more powerful manner than just during a routine jump shot. That player often has to jump fairly high to reach the rim, and the resulting successful jam will cause a stir in the audience, perhaps even prompting some to jump out of their seats and clap.

Then, other times, this happens:

Taj Gibson, a second-year player out of USC, COMPLETELY destroys Dwyane Wade in this dunk, to the point that even Wade had to give him props.

“That was a good one,” Wade said. “I really got punked. It was good. It was a very athletic play. I knew I didn’t have a chance.”

At least he knew, and it turned out the Heat didn’t have a chance either, dropping the first game, 103-82.

But the fun for Gibson didn’t end there, and he may have even topped his first dunk with an insane putback in the waning moments of the game.

Game 2 is Wednesday night, and if there are any more slams like this in store, well, basketball fans should get excited.

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