Thursday, March 17

What We Learned About March Madness- Day 1

Here are 16 things we learned today, courtesy of the madness.

1) Even without a legitimate buzzer beater, this tournament is still awesome.

2) A lot of people picked the wrong 13 seed to win.

3) Picking Vanderbilt to lose in the first round seems to be a pretty good idea.

4) Picking Clemson to lose in the first legitimate round isn't a bad idea, either.

5) Going off #3 and #4, those first-four games? Yeah, they're still play in games, not the first round. We need to get rid of this "Second and third round" nonsense--today was still the first round, and anyone telling you otherwise is paid by CBS/TNT/TBS/TruTV to say it the "correct" way.

6) Michigan State is incapable of consistent play.

7) Scoring 33 points in a game as a team doesn't automatically mean you'll lose your first-round game.

8) 2-seeds are looking really good in this tournament.

9) The best reaction for an announcer to a last-second shot is just screaming. That's why Gus Johnson is so popular.

10) If you dominate your conference during the regular season and have a gaudy overall record you'll be a trendy upset pick. Maybe next time you can deliver, Belmont and Utah State.

11) Now two 16-seeds a year can say they've won an NCAA Tournament game. Too bad it's against other 16s, because it will never be against a #1 seed.

12) I still think George Mason's Rashad Whack has the coolest name in this tournament, but Gonzaga's Robert Sacre is close behind, just because saying "sacrebleu!" is so much fun.

13) This tournament proves people care about the NIT, CBI, and tournaments for about one minute and 32 seconds combined, if that.

14) Sorry, St. John's and Louisville, but losing your "glue" guy, the guy that keeps everything together, does not bode well for your chances of winning.

15) Night games are substantially less exciting than the earlier games, yet are still quite fun to watch.

16) I know I've said it before, but man, do I love March Madness.

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