Tuesday, March 22

Here We Gooooooo!

Today's post will be mostly Nintendo themed. Actually, it's really just Mario themed. Below are a pair of videos on two different subjects, but they both involve everyone's favorite plumber. The first is courtesy of the folks over at Facerocker, who takes our mustachioed friend and puts him at the heart of a first-person shooter. The end result looks like something that has people frothing at the mouth, hoping this someday comes to fruition. Not bloody likely, but still pretty cool.

However, most fans still prefer the classic Mario, and the second video, courtesy of YouTube user durden77, delivers. Now, very rarely, if ever, do users get their own mention on here, but sometimes ya gotta make an exception. Durden is one of a number of YouTube users to do a "Let's Play," a term previously unheard of on our end. In a nutshell, it's the uploader playing a game while commenting on it. Sometimes the comments are strategic tips, sometimes they're just useless tidbits, and sometimes they're just hilarious sarcasm. Durden made a "Let's Play" for Super Mario 64, which is one of the greatest video games of all time. His method of going through and capturing 120 stars is very entertaining for fans of the game, and apparently is pretty fun for those who have never played Super Mario 64 (really? There are people who haven't played that game?!?!) as well. After 40 videos over roughly two years of uploads, he finally does reach his goal of 120 stars and defeating the final boss. Below is 1/40th of his quest, a random selection because his interaction with the monkey on the level is humorous. Kudos to durden77 for a great trip down nostalgia lane, and if you have seven hours to kill (or 10-11 minute increments at a time), it's a great thing to check out.

This Day in History
1963- Alcatraz closes its doors.

1980- The famous "Who Shot J.R.?" episode of Dallas airs. Also on this day in 1980, Jimmy Carter announces the United States will boycott the Summer Olympics in Moscow, after troops failed to meet Carter's February 20 deadline of withdrawing from Afghanistan.

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