Friday, January 7

More Bobbleheads!

First off, I need to give some dap to this article from MTV Clutch. It details the Top 25 Gatorade baths of all time. Fantastic.

Anyway, the NBA has again provided us with some silly bobblehead videos. We detailed a the winter wonderland earlier in the season, and here is the latest regular installment below. My personal favorite is the final play involving Jason Kidd, because I saw that play live, so I can legitimately say I was there. I'm also fairly certain that was the most recently Dirk Nowitzki played in a game.

This Day in History
1789- The first presidential election was held. Only white males who owned property could vote, and the Electoral College system that we all know and love today was used way back then. As expected, George Washington won the election, and would be sworn into office on April 30.

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