Tuesday, July 19

Charles Tillman Retires with Delightful Goodbye Video

Charles Tillman announced his retirement on Twitter, and did so in perhaps the best way an athlete ever has. In 13 seasons in the NFL (12 with the Chicago Bears, and last year with the Carolina Panthers), Tillman perfected the "Peanut Punch," where he'd literally punch the ball out of an opponent's hand in order to force a fumble. He ended up with 44 career forced fumbles in his career, to go along with 38 interceptions.

To celebrate the news, Tillman made a video of himself punching every day items out of people's hands. His daughter's donut isn't safe, for example, and neither is the remote control his wife is using to watch TV. It's delightful, and a fitting way for a class act to go out. Thanks for the memories, Peanut.  

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