Sunday, February 8

Ranking the Pokemon: #1- Zapdos

We're here. We're finally here. It's taken an uncomfortably long amount of time--1302 days, in fact, or three years, six months, and 22 days--to get to the number one Pokemon on the list, but now we're here. That's remarkable. I honestly cannot believe it. What a clinic on the art of procrastination.

Anyway, Zapdos is a legendary that I absolutely love. It's the second of the three legendary birds, and by far the best one. Not only is Electric a better type than Ice or Fire, the #2 is the easiest of the Spanish trio to catch. While Articuno requires you to Surf out to some faraway islands, and Moltres is found at the end of a tiring long cave just before you battle the Elite Four, Zapdos is just chilling in the Power Plant. It's probably powering said plant via its lightning wings. The Power Plant is mostly just filled with Poke Balls and Voltorbs that are posing as Poke Balls, so it doesn't take much effort to power through it. YES, THE PUNS ARE STILL ALIVE AND WELL.

Of course, you don't reach #1 without being a terrific battler, as well. Or, perhaps, if you're Nelly. In any case, Zapdos is proficient in battling, though the jury is still out in its propensity for wearing a bandana whilst sporting a band-aid under one eye. Zappy's got TREMENDOUS Special, tied for fourth-best. Actually, as a whole, Zapdos has the fifth-highest total base stat power. And while Mew and Mewtwo are more powerful, they're also absurdly cheap to use and, as I've mentioned before, they're often banned from tournaments. I'm not sure if any Generation I tournaments are still happening, but hey, if they were... most likely couldn't use Mew or Mewtwo, is what I'm saying.

As far as moves go, you absolutely must have Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave and Drill Peck on your Zap-pi-di-doo-dos. Thunderbolt will take care of Water and Flying-types (including other Zapdoses...Zapdi?), while Drill Peck will put a hole in Grass and Fighting-types, as well as any Bugs your opponent is dumb enough to throw out.

Other Pokemon are able to deal damage to a wider variety of types, but both Thunderbolt and Drill Peck are already strong moves, and you're getting STAB with each of them, so they'll get a bonus. And when you Thunder Wave them into paralysis, that's just cruel. But quite enjoyable.

For the fourth move, I'm partial to Reflect, but Light Screen and Agility are also good options. Reflect and Light Screen will double your Defense and Special, respectively, whenever your opponent uses a physical move (for the former) or a special move (for the latter). Agility ups Zapdos's already pretty solid Speed, but it's nice to have in case you're facing a true speedster. Either way, you should be set to take on most comers.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone for reading this. Whether you stuck by me throughout the full 1,302 days, or you just read one tiny entry, I truly appreciate it. Hopefully you enjoyed, and if you ever have a suggestion for another list, I'm all ears.

Battling Grade: A 

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