Sunday, January 11

Ranking the Pokemon: #2- Gengar

We're at our runner up! The silver medal. Droppin' a deuce. Wait. That sounds gross. Never mind.

In any case, Gengar is FANTASTIC. Not only does it look like a sleep-deprived Gremlin (with a grade-A smile), it has tremendous stats and a very useful movepool. Let's take a gander!

Gengar's HP, Attack and Defense are slightly below average. But no matter. The Speed is quite high, and the Special is OUT OF THIS WORLD. As sometimes happens with Pokemon I like, Gengar is making me use A LOT of caps. I can't even control it. IT'S JUST HAPPENING.

One reason why you shouldn't be concerned with Gengar's low Attack, in particular, is that its learnset leans heavily toward the special side of attacks. You can build a great Gengar without ever having to use a physical move. Observe: Confuse Ray, Psychic, Thunderbolt, and Rest. Or: Mega Drain, Hypnosis, Dream Eater and Double Team. Or: Toxic, Psywave, Thunder and Metronome. Granted, that last moveset is terrible, but I'm just saying you could do it.

The only physical moves I'd put on Gengar are Seismic Toss or Night Shade. Both do damage equal to the level your Pokemon currently is. So the maximum ceiling is 100, which isn't a bad deal if you're facing something Gengar's not strong against. It's nice to have that flexibility. You could also put Explosion on your Gengy, but I don't think it's worth it. Even though Explosion has a high base power, there's nothing more discouraging than willingly causing your Pokemon to faint while the opponent's Pokemon is still standing. And that's a very real possibility with Gengrene.

I like Gengar so much, I'm even willing to overlook its second type: Poison. Psychics will still own Gengar. If it fights an Alakazam, it's probably going to lose. But I still like this ghost better than the spoon bender. It's inexplicable why.

Maybe it's because of all the cool trivia Gengar has. Even now that there are nearly six million Pokemon in existence, Gengar and its crew of prevolutions are the only Ghost/Poison-typed combination in the game. In the beta game, it was known as "Phantom," which is a really phantastic name. And it's visible in the title screen of Pokemon Red and Blue. That's a big responsibility, and unlike Nidorino (who is also in the title screen battle), Gengar lives up to the hype. Way to go.

Battling Grade: A

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