Thursday, June 26

Ranking the Pokemon: #32- Persian

Persian is one fast mother trucker. With one of the best Speed ratings in the game, you're very likely to attack first with the red-dotted cat. And while that's great and all, it'd be nice if the rest of Persian's stats were at that same level. Or even good. Or even average, really. Attack is okay, but the other stats are all below average.

Along with Meowth, Persian is the only Pokemon that learns the move Pay Day. And as I said back then (in February 2012, which means it's been like two and a half years for me to get through about 90 Pokemon...oy vey), Pay Day is not a move worth learning. While it's great to be like "Aye, you picked up 30 Pokebucks after your battle," really, this is the equivalent to someone across the street from you carrying a bunch of cash--perhaps they're counting it--and then a great gust of wind comes and sends the money flying in all directions. Of course you bend over to pick it up and subtly keep some for yourself, because you're a terrible person. But you're really only getting like 3% of that bankroll, and it equates to chump change. So go and enjoy your Potion or your Auntie Anne's pretzel, or whatever you plan to use your Pokecash on.

As for an actual moveset you can use on Persian, Slash is an absolute must. The base power ain't great, but the STAB (a rare Normal-type STAB sighting) is, and more importantly, Slash gets a critical hit like every single time you use it. I also just learned via looking it up right now that critical hits are based on your Pokemon's Speed in Generation I. And remember how good Persian's speed is, right? If you don't, you may have amnesia. And not the Pokemon move, where it raises your special. The memory one.

Along with Slash, Persian learns some fun moves like Thunderbolt and Bubblebeam. The former is a solid addition, even with Persian's poor Special, but I'm not sure if Bubblebeam is worth wasting a move slot on. Then again, I don't know what else you'd throw in there, so why not? I like putting Double Team as the final move, because I like annoying the held out of my opponent. If you also enjoy doing that, then follow my lead. If not...I don't know, Toxic or Rest are both moves that seem good in theory but probably won't be useful. You could try one of those.

Battling Grade: B

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