Tuesday, June 24

Ranking the Pokemon: #33- Moltres

Legendary madness! Moltres was the (most likely) last Pokemon you caught before the Elite Four, as it was just chillin' there in Victory Road. And you were probably like "Alright! A nice legendary sonovagun to add to my arsenal!" And then you used Moltres for a little bit and thought, "Hmm...this one isn't as good as Articuno and Zapdos." And perhaps you felt a little sad, or stung in your heart. Like you...got burned, maybe.

See, the main reason Moltres is inferior to the other two birds is that it doesn't really naturally learn a good attack (Agility is solid, but all the birdies learn that). Zapdos in particular has Drill Peck and Thunder--the best Flying move and the strongest Thunder move. Moltres instead gets Sky Attack and Fire Spin. Sky Attack has 140 base power, but all it does for one turn is make the user glow. I don't know if you caught this, but Moltres already is glowing because IT'S ALREADY ON FIRE. So, 140 base power divided over two turns means you're essentially get 70 power per turn, while Drill Peck is more accurate for 80 power per turn. DUMB. And if you're using Fire Spin, you're probably also using a Tentacool equipped with Wrap, so please just stop reading this entry.

Fortunately, TMs are here to the rescue. You'll want Fire Blast for that STAB, even though the accuracy is precocious. Hyper Beam can also utilize the strong Attack, though Double-Edge works well, too. I don't understand why nearly every creature that learns Double-Edge also learns Take Down. Double-Edge is stronger and more accurate, and they both do some recoil damage. It's like giving someone socks for Christmas when they asked for a belt; it's a good utility move, but you could have given a little extra effort and gotten something special.

Outside of Fire Blast and a Normal-type move of your choice, I honestly don't know what else to put on Moltres. I guess go with the double Psychic defense of Agility and Reflect. Moltres's worst two stats are its Speed and Defense, so if you can shore them up, that's a good thing. 

Of course, being a legendary means Moltres does still have outstanding stats--its Special is among the highest in the game, and its Attack isn't too shabby, either. Everything else is above average to good. You can do a lot worse than using Number Three, but as the weakest in terms of both type and movepool of the legendary birds, you could also do better. CAW!

Battling Grade: B+

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