Friday, November 8

Ranking the Pokemon: #57- Vileplume

Just looking at Vileplume, I kind of hate everything about it. That floppy flower on its head that should probably squish the rest of it, that dorky little smile, the arms and legs that can be described as "puny" at best. Not to mention I had Pokemon Blue growing up, so I saw plenty of Vileys but didn't really get the chance to have my own until much later on.

However, Vileplume does have some solid stats going for it. Its HP, Attack and Defense are all above average to strong, and its Special is very good. Of course, it's super slow, but so is every Grass-type in Generation I, so it's not a huge disadvantage. When more of your stats are good rather than bad, you're doing something right.

Vileplume comes into existence by evolving Gloom's sorry butt with a Leaf Stone. As such, Plumey doesn't learn any new moves outside of TMs. But it'll have all the Grass-type essentials: Stun Spore, Sleep Powder, and...that's pretty much it. You can toss Petal Dance, Mega Drain or Solarbeam on there for an attack that actually does damage, and then maybe include Body Slam or something to take advantage of Vileplume's okay Attack, and to give yourself a fighting chance against something that's resistant to Grass. Then marvel at something with such a tiny body doing so much damage, as I do every day when my dog walks across my chest and stomach to get to the other side of the couch.

Battling Grade: C

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