Tuesday, October 1

Ranking the Pokemon: #58- Graveler

I don't know if I noticed until now that Graveler has 4 arms. Interesting. It also looks like a bunch of K'Nex glued together. which is a nod to my childhood, and one I appreciate. As far as stats go, Gravy has, as you'd expect, rocktastic (that means really good) Defense, and its Attack isn't too shabby, either. It's HP is meh, and like every other Ground/Rock type from Generation I, it's very slow and has abysmal Special. So, if you bust out Graveler and your opponent has a Water type (very likely) or a Grass type (fairly likely), you can get one solid hit in, but you can also faint in one or two attacks. Yikes.

Fortunately, those one or two hits you get in will be very powerful. Almost every Graveler will (or at least should) have Earthquake, Rock Slide and Explosion, and then the fourth one can be just about whatever you choose. Personally, I'd toss Submission on there, but that's just me. With that moveset, those four arms of Graveler's will be put to good use. As an extra bonus, it also probably gives good massages. I mean, can you imagine four sturdy hands massaging your spine? Goodbye, back pain!

Battling Grade: B-

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