Saturday, August 31

Ranking the Pokemon: #59- Muk

Look at this pathetic excuse for a Pokemon. I think Muk ranks this highly simply because I enjoyed when it used the move Minimize in the first generation of games. Is it a good move? No. But for whatever reason, I got really excited when "Muk used Minimize" appeared on my screen. Good times.

Muk has great HP and Attack, but its Defense and Special are sorely lacking. As you might guess, its Speed is miserable, because, well, it looks like a reject from the "what should the puddle in Alex Mack look like?" discussion. 

This grotesque pile of slime only naturally learns two moves that actually do damage: Pound and Sludge. Neither are really worth having, although I guess you could keep Sludge for the battle against Bug-types. It'll determine what type is truly the worst! Muk does learn Fire Blast, Mega Drain and Thunderbolt/Thunder, so you could throw some cool Special moves on it. Problem is, with that weak Special rating, your Thunderbolt is going to be all mucked up and become a Thunderfizzle. That sounds like a good name for a funk band. Bring on tha Thunderfizzle!

Battle Rating: C+