Wednesday, August 28

Ranking the Pokemon: #60- Seadra

Oh look, another mediocre Water-type! This was quite the common sight in Generation I, and I guess still is to this day. Seadra eventually became Kingdra in the later generation of games, and was a lot better then. It actually has pretty terrible stats, with pretty good Special and Defense, okay Speed and bad Attack and HP. But it's a seahorse that simply does not give a f*ck, so that's worth something in my book.

Move-wise, 'dra can learn at least the basics: Surf and Blizzard, and then can pick up Agility, and, oh, let's say, Double-Edge. It won't too a ton of damage because of the low Attack, but hey, when your movepool is this limited, you take what you can get.

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