Wednesday, September 26

Replacement Weatherguy Forecast

Still understandably bitter over a Monday Night Football loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay is finding its own way to poke fun at the replacement referee situation. The NBC affiliate used a replacement weatherman to give the forecast. The highlights include a leap from -200 below zero to 346 degrees, culminating in a simultaneous sunny, storming blizzard later in the day. Good stuff.

Tuesday, September 25

Dancing Coaches

I guess it's really just one dancing coach, but this was a great moment from Monday's Seahawks-Packers game. Let's forget for a moment the EGREGIOUS officiating that should really jumpstart the talks for the regular officials to come back. At least I sure hope so.

Anyway, enjoy linebackers coach Kevin Greene celebrating what was originally ruled an interception on the field. Except it was then overturned after a questionable roughing the penalty was called against the Pack. Just one of a litany of subpar calls from an otherwise very well-played game.

10 Types of College Roommates

More self promotion for everyone! Joey tackles the 10 types of college roommates. Or really just roommates in general. And it's much higher production value than normal. Boom.

Monday, September 17

Meet The Latest Comedic Duo: Clint Eastwood and Chair

Saturday Night Live kicked off its 38th season over the weekend, and the political satire was already in full-swing. I'm not entirely sure what I thought of the premiere, but one sketch was fantastic: Bill Hader reviving his Clint Eastwood impression and teaming up with the empty chair he spoke to at the Republic National Convention. The pair, trying to capitalize on the recent publicity of said chair incident, are taking their act on the road for a comedy tour. The crowd reactions are the best part, especially Jay Pharoah being utterly confused by what's happening around him. Good stuff.

Sunday, September 16

Week 2 NFL Prop Bets!

After the highest scoring Week 1 in history, we know a little bit more about the teams in the league. Here are some prop bets you’ll want to make during Week 2:

Raiders vs. Dolphins: Longest TD of the Game Under 38.5 yards (-115)
No Jacoby Ford and a hobbled Denarius Moore? Could this be anymore of a lock? The Dolphins probably won’t even score a touchdown, realistically. That leaves the Raiders to do it, and I don’t have much confidence in that, either. The only risk in this bet is Darren McFadden breaking a long run or taking a screen pass to the endzone, but I’d bet the Fins will do everything they can to stop him from beating them.

Chargers vs. Titans: Chargers Score First (-160)
Dating back to last season, the Chargers last five regular season home games have found them scoring first. Sometimes it’s a field goal, sometimes it’s a touchdown, but one thing’s for sure: When San Diego’s at home, they come out fired up.

Panthers vs. Saints: Over 51 Points Scored (-105)
The Saints and Panthers both struggled offensively last week and still put up 42 combined points. And neither defense is very strong, especially the post-bounty scandal Saints. Imagine how much they can score when they face each other? Hint: It’s a lot more than 51.

Rams vs. Redskins: First Offensive Play is a Running Play (-110)
69 out of 120 combined snaps for these two teams were rushes in Week 1. St. Louis has a beast of a back in Steven Jackson, so they’re going to try and establish the run early. And yes, RGIII is tremendous, but let’s get real: He started 1 for 10 against the Saints. They’ll get him some early dinks and dunks to boost up his confidence, but it’s very likely the first play will be a run. As far as which running back gets it? Well, betting on a Mike Shanahan RB is ALWAYS a losing proposition, so I’m not touching it.

Ravens (-150), Patriots (-600) and Texans (-2000) to Win Their Respective Divisions
After one week, these teams really only confirmed their positions as favorites in the AFC North, East and South, respectively.  The AFC South might be the worst division in recent memory; the Jags will likely finish second with anywhere from a 6-10 to a 4-12 record. And the Texans are at least a 10-win team. That’s a no brainer (and explains the very good odds). The Patriots have lost a little steam after the Jets’ big showing in Week 1, but I’m not buying it. There was really no reason to be as high on the Bills as everyone was, and the Jets demolished them. There’s no questioning that, but this team is too dysfunctional to win a division. The only possible question mark is the Ravens, but they seem incredibly motivated and overall are talented at more positions than the Steelers. In a three-team parlay, they’re definitely worth what little risk they present.

Thursday, September 13

Regis Philbin Takes Over New Girl

Fox's hit show New Girl returns later this month for Season 2, but this time there's a bit of a change at the top. In a fantastic Funny or Die sketch, Regis Philbin is invited (or shows up unannounced, no one really knows) on the set. And he's got lots of great ideas. None of them involve Schmitt though, since Regis absolutely hates him. Good stuff all around.

Thursday, September 6

10 Bets You Will Never Lose

Tis the season for gambling, with football getting up and goin'. But perhaps you're not a football fan. Don't worry, we've got you covered, with a delightfully British Richard Weisman narrating a series of bets that you probably won't lose. I've only tried one of these with people (the Roman numeral one), and one person got it right. So maybe you will lose these. Just gauge how clever the person you're betting with is. Boom.

Tuesday, September 4

Ranking the Pokemon: #75- Poliwhirl

We're officially in the top half of Pokemon, now, but Poliwhirl still isn't great. It does have really good Speed, and okay HP, Attack and Defense. Plus, I always liked its "hypnotizing" body. It's what I imagine the Hamburglar would look like if he stole some blue paint. I am slightly concerned about where Poliwhirl's mouth is, though, or if it even has one. But it's got boxing gloves, so at least it can go get a manicure and then battle later that same day without feeling too guilty.

I also get irritated by Pokemon who are a certain type (in this case, Water, which specializes in, well, special attacks) but whose stats don't back that type up. You'll notice in the above "this is what Poliwhirl is okay at," Special Attack was not mentioned. That's because its Special is pretty so-so. In fact, it's below so-so, especially for someone at Poliwhirl's level of evolution, or "levolution." The moves it learns naturally are all pretty much awful, save for Amnesia. Throw that on a 'whirly, add Surf for STAB, then finish it off with something like Earthquake and Psychic, and you have a fairly decent sweeper. Not a great one, but one that could maybe do some damage before fainting.

Battling Grade: C 

New Foot Locker Commercials Are Hilarious

Foot Locker has released a trio of new commercials, featuring some of the NBA's upcoming stars. And one that has Carmelo Anthony. And all of them are fantastic. Kevin Love's response in the "Yacht" one gets me everytime. Check 'em out below: