Thursday, March 29

Shaquille O'Neal Appears on Daily Show, Lifts Jon Stewart

Shaquille O'Neal appeared on The Daily Show Monday night, and gave Jon Stewart an aerial tour of his own studio. The Great Shaqtus lifted Stewart up and rocked him like a baby when he entered the studio; Stewart tried to reciprocate, but failed.

Shaq is in good form here--he mentions he's getting his Ph.D., says he's still "sexy," and that his "ass still has some firmness in it," and even drops some Hebrew in toward the end of the interview. A very entertaining watch--check it out below.


  1. He's been everywhere lately (Conan,Daily Show even Rachel Ray), does he have a movie or another book coming out or something??

  2. Well, I know he had that book that came out about a month ago. Other than that, I don't think there are any plans for Kazaam 2 or anything like that.