Thursday, March 29

Aziz Ansari's Failed Date

American Express has released an ad promoting its Sync and "Link, Like, Love" programs. And it features Aziz Ansari, which is always a good move. In the commercial, Ansari meets a girl named Jessica with whom he instantly becomes enamored. So he does what anyone would naturally do--he checks out her likes on Facebook and then buys a lot of those things. What's that? Not many people would actually do that? Oh...

Anyway, Ansari uses his AmEx card and ends up with a tuba, a modern art painting, a kayak, and tops it all off with a parachute. Of course, Jessica is a woman (stereotyping FTW!), so she's running late and asks if they can just meet at the restaurant. Since Ansari has a parachute, he agrees and then uses said parachute to...well, parachute into the restaurant. Which is the best part of the whole commercial. If I had a parachuting kayak...let's just say things would be a little different. Check out the spot below.

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