Thursday, March 15

March Madness Day 1, Post 2

  • The bracket is still perfect so far. But Harvard and Long Beach State both being down at the half is concerning.
  • I like that Jim Boeheim just started leaving the post-game interview on the floor before it was done.
  • Speaking of Syracuse, the refs HANDED that game to them. I hate blaming the officials, but they really bailed them out. Inexcusable.
  • Most impressive team so far (outside of UNC-Asheville, who really should have made history as the first 16-seed to beat a 1-seed) has been Marquette. Weathered a run from BYU and then put it away, winning by 20. Wisconsin looked pretty solid too against Montana. But still super boring to watch.
  • If Vanderbilt wins it'll be the first time they've won in the first round that I can remember. I'm sure it's happened, but they're almost always upset. Right now they're up 10 at half, which is bad for my bracket.
  • No buzzer beaters yet, but it's still early. And almost all of these games have been exciting for their entirety.
  • I'm still mad about the Syracuse game. This is why a 16-seed will never win. The officials won't let it happen. Ugh.

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