Thursday, March 15

March Madness Day 1, Post 1

YES! My favorite time of year is here: the first weekend of March Madness. And throughout the day, we'll try to make some stray observations about the games. I would date and time these, but hey, I rarely know what month it is, let alone something more specific. Le'go!
  • Very sad there's no Gus Johnson this year. I need my yelling! But since I may be watching a lot of these games without sound, I suppose I can allow it. Our first game has Verne Lundquist and Billy Packer. Not sure how I feel about it.
  • First game of the tournament (I don't count the first four) is Murray State and Colorado State. I don't think CSU belongs here, so I hope Murray State (who is essentially playing at home with all the Kentucky fans in there) can take care of business. The Racers were down 13-8 when I finally started "watching" (aka had access to a computer), and now they're up 18-15. I'm clearly the good luck charm. Lundquist has already made at least one "racing to a lead" remark within the first half hour of real time. I'm sure I've missed more.
  • And Billy Packer just made a "loose cannon" reference during an Isaiah Canaan highlight. Oy.
  • Game 2 has kicked off, with Kansas State jumping to an early 8-3 lead over Southern Miss. Seeing as how I also have K-State in the Sweet 16 (picking them BEFORE the Fab Melo suspension for Syracuse), these first two games are kind of super important. I don't think I've ever had that before--the first two games are two teams that could potentially screw my bracket completely. That's because I usually don't stupidly pick an 8-seed over a 1-seed. Eep.
  • 24-23 Colorado State lead at halftime. Both of them have looked pretty sloppy, but especially Murray State. Ton of missed open shots. Meanwhile, K-State has a 21-20 lead with five minutes to go. Which one's going to end up being the more high scoring game?
  • As far as I know, Frank Martin, who's the "World's Angriest Coach," has not blown a fuse yet. Part of me wants to see it, but the other part wants to see K-State make the Sweet 16 like I predicted. And I think that part wins.
  • I don't like that is making us pay to watch the games this year, and I don't like that you STILL can't mess with any volume settings during commercials. Not that I want to hear commercials, but it would be nice to be able to mute or adjust my sound during them.
  • Kevin Harlan just told us that the Golden Eagles have only scored one frontcourt point in the first 15 minutes. That means their backcourt is kickin' butt.
  • Torye Pelham, a senior on Southern Miss, just rolled his ankle and you could hear him screaming profusely. Hopefully it's nothing too bad--you hate to see anyone, but especially a senior, get hurt during the tourney.
  • Murray and CSU have just gotten started in the second half, and KSU and So. Miss just hit halftime. Close games in each, and with Davidson and Louisville set to tip off in a couple of minutes, this seems like a good time to wrap up part 1. Let's leave with my favorite reenactment of a game ever.

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