Saturday, January 7

Louisiana-Lafayette Runs the Six-Man Weave

The Louisana-Lafayette Rajun' Cajuns defeated the Western Kentucky Hilltoppers in a thrilling 72-70 OT victory Thursday night. Except, well...the Cajuns used six players on the final possession. And despite holding the ball for roughly 10 seconds before even starting to run a play, nobody seemed to notice. The Cajuns score fairly easily, and you can't help but wonder if the extra man was the reason for that. My bigger question is HOW DOES NO ONE NOTICE THIS?!?!?! Not one assistant coach? Not one bench player? Not someone ON THE COURT??? A school tried this against us in a junior high game on a free throw, with an extra guy lined up on the line. We raised a stink, but as the free throw went up and in, the extra player gracefully backpedaled to the bench and sat down, bringing it back to five on five. Smooth.

Adding to this story, Western Kentucky fired head coach Ken McDonald. Granted, the Hilltoppers were 5-11, so that was part of it, but you have to think McDonald is being used as a scapegoat here. Too bad, as the Hilltoppers have one of the weirdest mascots in all of D-I basketball.

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