Wednesday, December 22

December 22- This Day in History

You know, a lot of interesting things have happened throughout the course of history. So each day, courtesy of, we'll post an event that was worthwhile. Or at least a fun fact. Normally this will just go at the end of another post, but I figured the first one deserved its own section. And since it's the first one, you get TWO fun facts! How lucky!

1956- A baby gorilla named Colo was born into Ohio's Columbus Zoo, becoming the first gorilla to be born into captivity. Today there are about 750 gorillas in captivity around the world and roughly 100,000 in the wild. Since Colo's birth 54 years ago, 30 gorillas have been born at the Columbus Zoo alone.

1937- In continuing with a Christmas theme (sort of, if you remember an obscure reference from the movie Elf), the Lincoln Tunnel in New York officially opened up to traffic this day 73 years ago.


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