Wednesday, December 22

More NBA Christmas Songs

Over the weekend we showcased the Chicago Bulls giving their vocal chords a test run with a "12 Days of Christmas" rendition. But D. Rose and company aren't the only ones getting in the holiday spirit. Check out these other videos from teams around the NBA, and have a very merry Christmas.

Denver Nuggets- "Christmas in Hollis remix." Who knew Birdman could rap like that?

The Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks went with more traditional Christmas tunes in their holiday greetings, with varying degrees of success.

And while these are each older videos, Rasheed Wallace and company performing "Jingle Bells" deserves a mention, as well as the Houston Rockets (trying) to sing "Let it Snow." Maybe Yao has a career as a singer ahead of him!

Finally, the NBA in general continued its bobblehead theme with a winter wonderland of sorts.

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