Friday, June 21

New Found Glory Releases New Music Video For "Cups" From Pitch Perfect

New Found Glory are among the pioneers of pop punk. And with this year's release of From the Screen to Your Stereo 3, the group is coming up on nearly a quarter-century of jams.

It appears that the group has recorded seven music videos for each of the seven songs on their EP. They've already released four of them, and this week welcomed in number five with their electric cover of "Cups" from Pitch Perfect. It's either this or "This Is Me" (from The Greatest Showman) – the point is, this is a terrific lil' cover.

Bonus points to the ENORMOUS cup pyramid lead singer Jordan Pundik builds, as well as the taco cameo midway through the song. Now let's all clap our hands and the ground and stack some cups.


  1. Investing in videos I guess.

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