Monday, June 11

Kobe Bryant's New Series "Detail" Takes On The Office

Kobe Bryant has never shied away from obsessing over the little things. Perhaps there's no better name for his new show than Detail, in which he dives into NBA games, sharing his insight on individual plays. You'll hear where defenders could have better approached a situation, when screeners are falling asleep, and generally all the small details you don't notice while watching a basketball game.

But no game has ever had higher stakes than the battle between the sales team and the warehouse from Season 1 of The Office. In this special episode of Detail, Kobe takes us through some of the pivotal plays of that game. We'll check in on Roy's defense of Jim, a key screen freeing Dwight up for an easy jumper, and Michael Scott's full-court heave. It's all here, and it's all spectacular.

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