Monday, June 12

Ice Cube Schools Bill Maher On His Language

Bill Maher recently said the n-word on his show, and naturally, there's been quite a bit of backlash. Maher has received quite a bit of criticism over the past week and there have been plenty of calls for his firing. Even as he said it, the audience responded with some groans. At the time, Maher kind of waved it off. He's since apologized, but his rationale for using the word in the first place isn't great.

On the latest episode of Real Time, Maher had regular guest Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, who condemned Maher's remarks but also initially came to the comedian's defense. The two had a back and forth that was pretty light-hearted and jovial, and it seemed as if that would be it as far as addressing the issue.

Fortunately, Maher also had Ice Cube on as a guest to promote the 25th anniversary of his album Death Certificate. Cube was kind enough to share his insights on both the word and the mindset of using it. The end result is a powerful monologue that had a notable impact on both the audience and Maher himself. Hopefully, it will have a lasting effect. Well done, Ice Cube.