Friday, May 19

Linkin Park Reacts to Teens Reacting to Linkin Park

Fine Brothers Entertainment recently shot a video of teenagers listening and reacting to Linkin Park songs. One of them was the debut single off their new album, One More Light, while others were jams from their first two records, Hybrid Theory and Meteora. The kids had a variety of responses, and at least one of the girls didn't even recognize it was Linkin Park until the end. Amazing.

Anyway, with One More Light debuting today, FBE decided to bring in a member of Linkin Park to react to those teenagers reacting to Linkin Park. If the whole thing sounds very Inception-like, you're not alone. It is pretty entertaining to watch Shinoda make little comments, though. He says he plans to never show his kids the "One Step Closer" music video, and that's probably for the best.

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