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A Hot Cup Of Joey Ultimate Gift Guide 2016

Well, I can officially see my breath in the air, so that must mean the holiday season is upon us. Some people are incredibly meticulous about their wish lists, down to the exact amount of stitching in the luxury handbags they've requested.

For most of us, though, we'll be happy with anything, so long as it's entertaining or provides value in some other way. If you're stumped for gift and stocking stuffer ideas this holiday season, I hope this guide makes you the real MVP when it's time to open presents.

If you've ever been to a sporting event, you know there's something magical about the atmosphere. Sharing an experience with other people who all want the same outcome as you, seeing players up close and personal, and even just enjoying the sights and all adds up to something really cool.

Sports broadcasters, writers, and journalists get to experience this regularly. As a result, they've gotten to see some amazing games and performances. Author Eric Mirlis has compiled the stories of these broadcasters, writers, and journalists into I Was There!, which is a terrific read for anyone who even remotely likes sports. It's cool when an entry is a game I remember vividly, but just as enjoyable are the stories about a lesser known athlete or event, such as a special story from the Olympics. It hits you right in the feels. In addition, I chatted with Eric about his book and some of his favorite sports moments, so feel free to take a listen.

Music history in general is pretty interesting, but rock and roll is absolutely fascinating. Ed Ward has a way of painting vivid, beautiful pictures, and he combines artists we all know and love with ones that you may never have heard of. And that's a great thing – as Ward says, "I envy the person hearing this music for the first time." This is an excellent dive into a part of history that helped shape most modern music today. And it's only Volume I! Hey, there's a lot to cover, after all.

Jocelyn & Chris Arndt: Edges

Sometimes you hear a voice singing and it's so good that it just sends chills down your spine. You'll certainly get a few shivers listening to Jocelyn Arndt, who's complemented perfectly by her brother Chris's retro-rocking guitars. The siblings have been playing music together since they were children, and it definitely shows in their tight melodies and comfort with each other. You'll get to see a little bit of Jocelyn's sass in opener "Shame," but by the time you hit the closing track "Here to Stay," you'll have a hard time not getting up and pretending you're a band conductor as horns and a strong percussion session drive the track. The duo also just released a Christmas album, which is also worth checking out.

Laundry detergent as a gift is a lot like socks – you'd be real disappointed as a kid, but as an adult, it's wonderful. I'm also a big fan of companies that are working to do good in the world. Molly's Suds came about in a very unexpected way. Founder Monica Leonard’s daughter, Molly, was born in 2005, but she never took a breath. As a pediatric nurse and mother to three other healthy children, this was a tragedy and shock. Seeking a cause, Leonard uncovered disturbing facts about chemicals approved for use yet untested for safety by the U.S. government. The decision was made to create Laundry Powder and other household products that are safe for people and the environment. Molly’s little footprints are on the company’s website and packaging to remind customers that Molly’s Suds products are safe for even the tiniest family member. 

At the same time, you're reducing your carbon footprint and saving on money and water. Oh, and it works great, too. I don't know when laundry detergents decided this monstrosity was a good idea, but fortunately, Molly's Suds comes in an easy-push spout and cap. I didn't spill anything using it, which is pretty dang rare for detergent. You can find Molly's Suds on their website or online at big box retailers like, and

EcoVessel Vine Bottle

Get outta here, ice bucket! EcoVessel makes a ton of insulated products, from regular water bottles to ones that'll keep chilled wine cool and on the table hours long for entertaining. The company's Vine bottle is a premium stainless steel bottle that holds up to 750 ml. of your favorite indulgence. Certain wines are okay without being chilled, but if you've ever had a tepid sip of something that should be a bit more frosty, you know how disappointing it is. Fill the EcoVessel Vine with your best red, sparkling white, or hey, live it up and go with a little rosé. It'll all stay nice and chilled.

B&G Martin Dog Beds

For the pup in your life, these eco-friendly, built-to-last dog beds are not only comfy, they also go to help dogs in need. Every time a dog bed is purchased, a canine will be spayed or neutered with the proceeds in an effort to reduce pet overpopulation worldwide. Each time an accessory, such as a fitted linen, is purchased, a dog will receive a potentially life-saving vaccine that prevents diseases like rabies and parvo. When my dog lays down in her bed it's basically the cutest thing in the world, so if yours doesn't have a place to snuggle, I'd recommend checking one of these out. As a bonus, until December 31, enter the code HOLIDAYDOG20 when you check out and receive 20% off your order.

Ibotta App

Okay, this one isn't really a gift, but whoever you share it with will be glad you did. And making people happy is what the holidays is really about, right? Whenever you go shopping, whether it's for groceries, at a department store, or a big box retailer, you're eligible to get cash back for things you'd buy anyway, like milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables, deodorant, and so on. It's simple to use, too: you just scan the barcode of the product, and then take a picture of your receipt. Within 24 hours (though in my experience it's typically within just a couple of hours, tops) you'll have money redeemed into your account. You can cash out once you hit the $20 threshold, which really doesn't take that long, particularly if you take advantage of this bonus: Use referral code ckfmphr and you'll get $10 when you sign up and redeem a reward.

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