Thursday, October 20

Blink-182's New Music Video Looks Awfully Familiar...

Blink-182 has released a new music video for their track "She's Out of Her Mind" as part of Spotify's new Flash Frame series that spotlights various artists' careers.

Adept fans of the band may recognize this video as a near shot-for-shot remake of the song that really catapulted them to fame, "What's My Age Again?" Though instead of the Blink guys running around, we're treated to three Vine celebrities that I've never heard of but I'm sure are big in the Vine scene: Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking, and Vale Genta. Adam DeVine also makes an appearance as the sexy nurse.

I LOVE "What's My Age Again?" and think it's a fantastic video. Much like their newest album California as a whole, this one seems pretty forced. The abundance of iPhones and iPads just looks like product placement, and even the extras don't appear to be very engaged. But hey, it's still a good dose of nostalgia. Enjoy.