Monday, August 22

NBA 2K Releases Trailer For NBA 2K17

For basketball enthusiasts, the NBA 2K series is THE place to be. I'm still partial to the earlier gems in the series – NBA 2K11 set the standard for greatness, and I've spent the most time with NBA 2K12 – but, at least the last few titles on the new generation have made efforts to advance the game as a whole. 

It doesn't always work, as last year's "My Player" mode with Spike Lee's cinematic direction felt clunky and forced, and even the gameplay wasn't on par with previous years (wayyyy too many blocks and missed layups), but it is always beautiful. 

NBA 2K17 is keeping that trend going, as this #FRICTION trailer released today shows. Players celebrate, rock their signature moves and looks, and, as always, the atmosphere looks fantastic. We'll see if it translates to the gameplay, but for now, this'll keep us bball fans plenty satisfied until the season starts.

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