Monday, February 1

New Season Of Archer Is Very Magnum P.I.-Esque

The seventh season of Archer is right around the corner, and to give us a sneak peek, FX dropped a little intro of the titular character and company. In a word, it's very much Magnum, P.I. Okay, I guess that's two words (or a word and two letters), but if you're nitpicking over that, you're at the wrong blog.

This isn't the first time Archer has gone with an entire shift in tone for a season. Back in Season 5, Archer: Vice saw the crew serving as cocaine smugglers and dealers, with the kind of accuracy you'd expect (i.e., not very much at all). Archer is sporting a pretty sweet mustache in this teaser, and the rest of the characters get a fair shake at Private Investigator life, too.

Archer returns on March 31.

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