Monday, January 11

"Inside Out" Without The Inside Voices Is Really Just A Movie About Hockey

Inside Out: Outside Edition from Jordan Hanzon on Vimeo.

Pixar's Inside Out is a delightful return to form for the company. The movie follows Riley, an 11-year old girl whose family moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. While most people would find that an upgrade, Riley does not. She misses her friends, her hockey team, and soon, her insides, controlled by five emotions–Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust–start going crazy.

Those five emotions make up the bulk of the actual movie. But film student Jordan Hanzon wasn't a fan of the emotions (or maybe he just got a request to do this). He created a cut of the film that's roughly 15 minutes long, and only consists of the "outside" scenes of Riley and her family. The movie is a bit more darker, and a lot more about hockey. Check it out and enjoy.

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