Sunday, November 29

Duke Fans Create "#SaveJahlil" Campaign For 76ers Rookie Jahlil Okafor

Life in the NBA ain't easy for a rookie. It's especially difficult when you happened to be drafted by the Philadelphia 76ers, who still have not won a game this season. Perhaps bothered by how terrible his team is on the court, Okafor has been involved in a number of offcourt incidents, too, including getting into a bar fight and allegedly going 108 MPH on a bridge with a speed limit of 40.

Nevertheless, Okafor still has a legion of fans back in North Carolina. @DukeNBA released a video entitled "#SaveJahlil," showcasing the sad state of the Sixers, set to Sarah Mclachlan music. It's enough to depress anyone, particularly a player who went from a national championship to a team that still hasn't won a game.

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