Monday, October 19

Um, What Are The Colts Doing Here?

The Colts played the Patriots Sunday night, and unsurprisingly, were not blown out. I say surprisingly because, if you remember, it was the Colts that subjected us to a summer of Deflategate nonsense. You would have thought the Patriots would have absolutely demolished them.

And they did, at least on this play. Take a look at that formation up there in the picture above. That's the Colts, from their own 37 yard line and down by just six points in the fourth quarter, lining up for a fake punt. But...nine guys are to the right of the line of scrimmage, with just one snapper (WR Griff Whalen) and one quarterback (S Colt Anderson) faced with like five Patriots in the vicinity. As you can probably guess, this did NOT end well.

The Patriots got the ball after the turnover and promptly scored to go up by 13. The Colts ended up losing by seven. Just questionable decision-making all around.

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