Wednesday, October 7

Persil Is Pretty Fantastic Detergent

Laundry detergent and cleaning supplies are hardly exciting topics, but the good folks at Persil sent me a sample of their ProClean Power-Liqud 2in1 laundry detergent, and it's pretty wonderful. As someone who is quite filthy–in fact, just today I splattered a bunch of five-cheese marinara sauce on my jeans–it's nice to have a detergent that'll get those stains out. Here are the benefits of Persil's detergent, in tidy bullet point form:
  • Pro-Lift Technology™ for the most powerful Persil stain-fighting detergent
  • Optimized for use in all washing machine types, including high efficiency (HE) washers
  • Use with white and colored laundry

And if that's not enough, the company has delightful commercials. Check out this ad from several years ago. Stay clean!

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