Monday, September 28

AT&T and ESPN Deliver Powerful Don't Text and Drive PSA

Current generations have the unfortunate habit of being buried in their phone. I know I've done it myself. You just have to see that text, or post, or update, and waiting even a minute seems like an eternity. But when you can't wait to look at your phone while driving? That's when lives can change completely.

Fletcher Cleaves, a promising football player out of Corvoda High School in Memphis, TN, was driving home from practice one day with a friend. All of a sudden, an oncoming car came towards him, the driver distracted by his phone. Cleaves was able to avoid hitting the car, but as he swerved out of the way, his own car flipped over. Cleaves was left paralyzed from the waist down.

AT&T, as part of their "It Can Wait" campaign, partnered with ESPN to show Cleaves, both during his playing days and after his accident, as he works towards recovery. He recently graduated high school and moved out on his own.

It's a powerful message, and one that needs to be shared. Stop looking at your phone all the time. If there's anything truly urgent in that text message, the person on the other end should call. If not, wait until you're done driving to look at it. Don't ruin your life, or even worse - someone else's. It's not worth it.

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