Sunday, August 30

Usain Bolt Wins Race, Gets Hit By Segway

Usain Bolt is incredibly fast. There's no doubting that. But what you may not have known is that he is also quite adept at recovering from being rammed by a segway.

At the World Athletics Championships in Beijing, Bolt beat American Justin Gatlin in both the 200-meters and the 100-meters. In the 200, Bolt's time was 19.55, well ahead of the rest of the field. Gatlin finished second at 19.74.

After Bolt's win, he was walking along the track, holding his shoes and minding his own business. All of a sudden, a cameraman riding a segway runs into him. For his part, Bolt does a nice little backwards roll and gets up to his feet, though he walked away a bit gingerly. And before we go blaming the cameraman, as someone who has had to operate cameras like that (albeit not on a segway), those are heavy pieces of machinery. Just walking and using them is hard enough. Now we're asking a man to ride a segway with no actual handles to hold onto?! That's a disaster waiting to happen. And I guess it did happen. The Italian version (below) is the best coverage of it, mostly because of the announcer's cry of despair.

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