Friday, August 14

This Man Tried Out For The Miami Heat Dance Squad And Absolutely Wrecked Everyone Else

Keith Wilson is a man with big aspirations. Specifically, he wants to be a dancer for the Miami Heat. Wilson, who tried out in 2012, once again made an appearance at a Heat dancer open tryout earlier this month. Alas, the Heat chose not to bring him on the squad, which might make sense if his performance wasn't the greatest and most memorable thing of the day. Check it out:

It seems like no one else is even listening to the beat. Wilson just crushes it. He believes his gender was a factor in his not making the team. On the Heat's end, it's pretty stupid if that's the case. Not only is Wilson talented enough, it would be an absurd amount of free publicity for a city that's stumping for attention ever since LeBron left town. Oh well. Maybe next year.

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