Monday, February 16

Cascade Ice Mixes Sparkling Water With Juice For A Refreshing Drink

Have you ever wanted to combine sparkling water with juice, but keep up the whole "zero calorie" thing? Well, Cascade Ice has heard your wishes, and has a variety of drinks to keep your palate satisfied.

Cascade Ice waters are free of things found in other flavored waters and sodas, like calories, sodium, caffeine, gluten and sugar. They've also got 21 flavors, ranging from McIntosh Apple to Coconut Mango. They were cool enough to send me a few samples to try--I'm partial to Mixed Berry, myself.

They also make for quality mixers for any cocktails you're throwing together. For example, mixing two ounces of Cascade Ice's Pomegranate Berry with one ounce of vodka, then garnishing with cherries will give you a delightfully decadent cocktail that's not too fruity. Feel free to up the amounts of both alcohol and mixer (or maybe just the alcohol) if you like your drinks excessively strong. Check out the Cascade Ice website to see where you can pick some up for your next shindig.

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