Tuesday, January 13

Kevin Garnett Throws Ball At Dwight Howard, Headbutts Him, Does Typical KG Reaction Afterward

Kevin Garnett is generally known as one of the more passionate players in the NBA. He also tends to do a lot of childish things on the court. Earlier this year he attempted to bite Chicago Bulls' center Joakim Noah on the wrist, and now he's getting into it with Dwight Howard.

I get it. After his stuntin' in Orlando and Los Angeles, Howard is not a popular player. But this seems like a huge overreaction by Garnett. It led to his ejection, and I'm sure a fine will follow. My favorite part of the whole skirmish is when Garnett has been taken away by assistant coaches, and is being led off to the side of the court, then tried to sneak around to get back to Howard. KG is like seven feet tall (he once claimed to be 6'12"), and here he is sneaking around like a schoolkid trying not to get caught in the hall during class. Stupendous.

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