Saturday, January 17

Backboard Breaks After Dunk, But Not Like How You'd Expect

Everyone enjoys a good slam dunk from time to time. Even moreso if it breaks the backboard, causing glass to shatter everywhere and making games delayed for minutes, and maybe even hours.

That was the case when Siena's Willem Brandwijk threw down a jam during pregame warmups. Normally, this is an illegal thing to do, but only after the officials have come out onto the court. This was early enough in warmups that it was alright.

Well, alright in the sense that Brandwijk wouldn't get ejected. But thanks to what appears to be some really faulty pins holding up the basket, the entire thing just collapses. There was a roughly 45-minute delay while Canisius (the host school) put up a replacement rim. And to make matters worse, Siena lost the game, 83-49. Ouch.

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