Saturday, October 4

Ranking the Pokemon: #7- Tauros

Tauros is a relatively normal-ish creature. It's pretty much a bull with three tails, and some sort of stepping stone pattern going down its forehead. It also KICKS BUTT, or at least it did a lot more in Generation I. Its Special is its worst stat, and it's still right around average. In later generations, Special Attack got the short end of the stick, making Tauros inviable as a Special Sweeper. But with terrific Speed, great Attack and Defense, and pretty good HP, you can sweep like a Swiffer with the ol' bull.

I'm about 100% positive my Tauros from Pokemon Blue has Surf, but apparently it can't learn it until later generations. And I wasn't about that "trading betwixt generations" life, so this is quite the confusing situation. Even without Surf, you can take out Ground and Rock types with Blizzard, and a well-placed Earthquake will own some Fire-types, as well as any Electrics in your way. Speaking of Electrics, Thunderbolt is a wonderful Electric-type move. Throw it on there.

Tauros is one of the few Pokes that I don't like to use STAB with, just because Normal-types aren't technically supereffective against anything. I'd rather go Surf/Blizzard/Thunderbolt/Earthquake and be able to do dat ol' SE damage against Rock, Ground, Fire, Grass, Water, Flying, Electric, Dragon and Poison. That's nine types Tauros can handle. NINE, or 60% of opponents in Generation I. Even in subsequent generations, you're hovering around 50% of the Pokemon world that can be taken out by one Pokemon, and even that number is skewed because there are way more Water-types than, say, Fighting-types. The main point of all of this is that Tauros is awesome. Plus the Chicago Bulls are my team, so...naturally, a bull will be high up on this list.

If you can't put Surf on your Tauros, you can go the Normal route, after all. Choose if you want to up your evasiveness with Double Team, or damage that punk across from you with Double-Edge. It's like a Doublemint Gum commercial up in here, with how often I'm saying double. Double.


Battling Grade: A

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