Saturday, September 27

Most Expensivest $hit With 2 Chainz

A common theme in rap and hip-hop is bragging about excess. 2 Chainz is no stranger to said excess--he has a personal chef with him at all times, and hey, if you have the money, why not be a little extravagant from time to time.

Chainz has turned that notion of "let's do it big or not do it at all" into a GQ series entitled "Most Expensivest $hit." The first three episodes are available here, and I've put my personal favorite above, which features a $295 hamburger. Even without tasting the burger, which is topped with caviar and encased in a gold-covered bun, I can wholeheartedly say it's not worth it. Fortunately, all of the profits go to a New York homeless shelter, though hearing the explanation of what goes into this burger, it seems like the profits are maybe .01% of the total cost.

If you're in NYC and have a few Benjamins to drop, feel free to let us know how the burger tastes. And stay tuned for more expensivest ish with 2 Chainz.

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