Wednesday, August 27

Ranking the Pokemon: #9- Snorlax

Snorlax is the laziest Pokemon around. In the first two generations, the only way to catch it is via awakening it with a PokeFlute and then engaging it in battle. It's so lethargic it's actually FALLEN ASLEEP in the middle of a sidewalk. It can't even move like six feet in one direction to allow you to pass by. What a sack of crap. Snorlax also weighs 1,014 pounds. OVER A THOUSAND.

That morbid obesity does help, though: Snorlax's HP is among the highest in the game, and its Attack is pretty grand, too. Of course, it's slower than a teenager whose pants are sagging below his waist, but hey, that's a given. Special is a bit below average, and Defense is pretty subpar for a fatty.

Snorlax's "signature" move is Rest, as it's always sleeping. I actually prefer not to put the move on my 'lax, though, whether I'm going the special or physical sweeper route. It has poor Special, but it learns Amnesia, which raises the stat by two notches. Couple Amnesia with Thunderbolt and Blizzard, and you've got a decent special sweeper. Throw Psychic or Surf on to complete the special shenanigans.

If you go for a physical sweeping Snorlax instead, you really won't need any Attack boost, since it's already so high. Earthquake is never a bad call, and one of the Body Slam/Double-Edge/Hyper Beam trio will let you take advantage of STAB. Rock Slide allows you to deal with any of those annoying Flying-types. For the final move, you can either go with Selfdestruct as a "go out in a blaze of glory" desperation thang, or you can try and beef up that Defense a little bit with Reflect. The sheer number of options you have with the giant teddy bear put it this high on the list.

As a bonus, here's your random Snorlax trivia: If you make it faint in Pokemon Stadium, its eyes will open. That's the only time you'll see Snorlax's eyes. They're black. 

Battling Grade: A-

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